Esther A.

Esther A.

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Esther A.

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The best, 5 star rated English tutoring in Berlin for a great price.

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Preis Ab 30 €
Wunschzeitraum: vormittags, nachmittags, abends, Wochenende


Hello, My name is Esther and I am a native English speaker.I have been teaching English professionally for about 5 years now to students from all over the world and I have loved the experience ever since.

I enjoy teaching those who are keen to learn and passionate about the language. I am especially experienced in teaching business English,Academic English, grammar, vocabulary, idioms, figurative language, and training students for exams like the IELTS, ACT and the IGCSE.

I am a medical Student in a foreign country and as such, I had to learn a foreign language from the beginning. My experience as a student has inspired me to implement fun activities in my teaching that help to improve the students' understanding and memory.

I promise you a comfortable and interesting experience and guarantee visible results.

I look forward to talking to you soon :)



30 € / 55 Min.

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