Are you hearing words like Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies all around you?

Dusan M.

Dusan M.
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Is it a bubble? What impact will cryptocurrencies have on our lives in the upcoming years? How can I make money with crypto?

I offer you a non-traditional tutoring.

I will teach you what the whole crypto ecosystem is about, what is Bitcoin and blockchain, how they work, together we create your first bitcoin wallet and make the first transactions. I can get you involved in crypto in 2-3 hours and save you a ton of time spent in a separate studying.

At the same time I can teach you how to trade cryptocurrencies, what exchanges to use and which of them better to avoid, I can teach you basics and advanced stuff in technical or fundamental analysis, money management, trading psychology and everything essential in this area, so that you can get on a path of a trader.

I'm a Certified Bitcoin Professional by CryptoConsortium, I love math (I was tutoring math for 3 years), I've been trading stocks and forex since my 17 and I trade cryptocurrencies today. I have been studying online at the University of Nicosia (Cyprus) field of Digital Currencies. In addition, I do private cryptoconsulting, create trading anylyses for my clients, all-day workshops under the brand of CryptoAcademy in Slovakia, I do lectures and prepare online video courses.

I am not a guru, but I know how to quickly and clearly explain all the essential stuff and show you everything in practice. Basics and also Advanced stuff. At the same time, we can work together for a longer time period, and I can improve your progress in this booming field.

I am looking forward to our crypto tutoring :)


Marcel M. Marcel M.
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My crypto consultation with Dusan was a very pleasant experience, which I can only highly recommend. The whole session helped me to understand the fundamentals of Blockchain, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We covered everything from creating your first wallet, its types & functions, security when it comes to handling your wallet or when it comes to trading, proper exchanges, sources which I can (and should) follow to stay up to date and he also told me about upcoming attractive cryptocurrencies which I should keep an eye out for. Dusan has a very friendly approach and he can explain the more advanced and complicated topics in an easy way, so everybody understands them. There is no prior knowledge in this field required for a crypto consultation with him, additionally, he has a lot of expert knowledge in this field, so people that are already involved in trading can also learn a lot from Dusan. I can positively say, that I acquired a lot of new knowledge in this field, and I can only recommend his consultation to other people. - 01.08.2018

Tony Tony
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Dusan has very stron knowladge of blockchain and crypto. He was prepared to answer all of my questions. Hi is very clever and he has been learning lot of about this topic. - 01.08.2018

David B. David B.
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Crypto consultation with Dusan was really professional and it was nice meeting and interview with someone who really understands blockchain and crypto currencies. He knows how it works, can explain well and can talk about details. I recommend to everyone who wants to know more about crypto currencies or blockchain :) - 31.07.2018

Jakub M. Jakub M.
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Dusan is extremely good partner for discussion and/or learning. I enjoy talking to him about any topic, because he never settle for traditional point of view and always dig deeper, trying to understand root cases of anything. He has also power to explain complex ideas in very simple and easy way, so it´s understandable for everyone, even from different social bubble. Huge benefit for me was that he can combine both - practical and philosophycal perspective of such phenomenon as cryptocurrencies are. He helped me to go through basics in a way no one else did before. - 31.07.2018

Samuel Samuel
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Dusan is my friend and crypto expert in my opinion. We had 2 hour conversation about crypto and blockchain and it gave me more than few days of studying on the internet. Thanks to Dusan, I obtained great base for the next study. - 31.07.2018