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Tutoring latin - how does it work?

Latin tutoring is especially important for law, medicine, natural science, and foreign language students. Many of them use private Latin lessons from our tutors to get prepared for (entrance) exams in these subjects.

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What is your level of Latin?

Latin is the mother of several world languages. Usually, you need Latin tutoring to study law, history, medicine, or foreign languages. Our Latin tutors nearby will help you improve your Latin vocabulary and understand the rules of Latin grammar.

Do you prefer online Latin tutoring?

Latin tutors at meet'n'learn provide personal and online Latin lessons. Private Latin tutoring hours via video - Latin via Skype or Latin language via Zoom - will save you time. Still, you will need a quality microphone, your room, and a charged mobile phone/computer. This is essential for taking private Latin lessons online.

Are you looking for Latin for history students, Latin classes for medics, or Latin for pharmacists?

When searching for private Latin tutoring for students, it makes a difference if you study medicine or history. What you need to improve in Latin depends on the subject of your study. If you study law, an older and more experienced law student can be a perfect Latin tutor for you.

In-person learning

Choose a Latin tutor from your city

If you are looking for private Latin lessons in person, getting a Latin tutor nearby will be the most comfortable. Whether you need Latin for medics, Latin for lawyers, or tutoring in Latin for exams, you should first go through the offers of Latin tutors in your area.


Set a price, schedule, and goals with your private Latin tutor

Set expectations from your private Latin lessons. Are you looking for online Latin tutoring, or do you prefer personal Latin tutoring? Are you a student, and do you need tutoring for entrance exams in Latin? Or is it tutoring Latin for studying medicine or law that you are looking for? Explain your idea of time and financial options to the tutors of the Latin language.


Prepare for exams with Latin tutoring

Take Latin lessons with a private tutor. Get advice on what you will need, e.g., Latin medicine exams or Latin pharmacy entrance exams. When your private Latin classes are over, don't forget to evaluate Latin tutoring - this will help future candidates and Latin tutors.


What do students want to know the most about Latin?

At meet'n'learn, you will find Latin tutors responding to the demands for tutoring Latin online and in person. Our platform offers Latin tutoring nearby - focusing on foreign language students, medics, pharmacists, law students, and more niche fields such as Latin for anatomy lessons. You can choose a tutor, set a price and timetable, and begin your private Latin lessons. Payment for classes is pre-set - you always pay securely through our platform. After completing private Latin lessons for, e.g., entrance exams, you can write a review for your Latin tutor.

In-person or online tutoring in Latin starts at as little as 5 euros per class. Prices vary depending on whether you are looking for Latin classes for health professionals, tutoring Latin for historians, Latin for anatomy, tutoring Latin terminology, or tutoring Latin for lawyers. You can also choose an online Latin tutor based on the price. The average price per hour of Latin language with a Latin tutor is around 9 to 15 euros.

Good question! Latin tutoring works perfectly as a supplement to your Latin in pharmacy, medicine, history, law, and other studies. As we have already mentioned, older students can help you prepare for Latin language tests by tutoring Latin online or in person. In that way, Latin tutoring gets often more specific - it is easier to prepare for niche Latin requirements.

Yes. Some of our Latin tutors specialize in tutoring Latin for law studies.

Of course. Medicine studies are closely connected to Latin, which is why online tutoring in Latin for medical professionals is very popular.

Yes. Our Latin tutors also offer specific Latin tutoring - Latin language classes focused on anatomy.

The Latin language basics for the pharmacy students are what our Latin tutors help students with most often. So yes, we also offer Latin tutoring for pharmacists.

Sure. Latin is the basis of several world languages, which is why you will find it not only when studying Latin itself but also in subjects such as studying Italian or French.

It always depends on what Latin tutoring you prefer. Latin tutors offering online Latin classes have an experience in online tutoring in Latin and can playfully prepare you for tests or entrance exams in Latin. However, many students enjoy personal Latin classes nearby. Still, with several tutors, you can agree on combining private Latin tutoring with online Latin classes.

Tell your private Latin tutor what you need to focus on. Private Latin tutoring for students who need to study Latin is good preparation for Latin for lawyers or Latin for medics. If you are only interested in Latin as a hobby and you want to improve in it because of your love for languages, you will definitely find help with tutoring in Latin with us.

The most important thing is knowing precisely what you need Latin for and what Latin tutoring brings you. For example, if you need Latin for lawyers, the tutor who masters this subject will certainly help you with tutoring in Latin better than a Latin tutor for pharmacists. If you need Latin for medics or Latin for nurses, you will probably get a medical student who understands the terms required for Latin medical exams. If you are interested in Latin for historians, your tutors will likely be those who have studied Latin or history teaching.

Study questions for Latin language

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Bettina C.
was ist vice versa? Hallo, ich höre manchmal den Spruch "vice versa", weiß aber nicht genau, was das bedeutet. Kann mir jemand aushelfen?
Michael K.
Bedeutung ad hoc Hallo, was genau bedeutet eigentlich "ad hoc"?
Maria M.
was ist et al? Was heißt eigentlich dieses "et al"? Ich habe das letztens irgendwo gelesen und weiß nicht was es bedeutet.
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Tutoring Latin abroad

Some students seek tutoring in the Latin language in another country or with a foreign tutor. Do you know how to say Latin tutoring in English, German, or, for instance, Finnish?

Latin tutoring in German: Latein-Nachhilfe

Latin tutoring in German: Latein-Nachhilfe

Latin tutoring in Czech: Doučování latiny

Latin tutoring in Danish: Tutoring latin

Latin tutoring in Finnish: Latinan opetus

Latin tutoring in Hungarian: Latinkorrepetálás

Latin tutoring in Romanian: meditații la latină

Latin tutoring in Swedish: Läxhjälp latin

Latin tutoring in Slovak: Doučovanie latinčiny