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How can french tutoring help you?

French tutoring is an extremely popular way to improve your French language skills. Broaden your vocabulary, practice a specific French pronunciation, and prepare for French exams with in-person or online French lessons with our French private tutors.

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What is your level of French?

The French language is considered to be quite demanding, which is why French private lessons have become a smart way to learn French. Whether you need French high school tutoring or tutoring French at work, French tutoring at meet'n'learn is suitable both for children and adults.

Do you prefer tutoring French online?

Almost every French private tutor at meet'n'learn offers in-person and online French classes. Private French lessons via Skype or Zoom - learning French via video - can save you time, but be well prepared. A quality microphone and a charged mobile phone/computer are required for taking private French lessons online and Skype French tutoring.

Are you looking for French tutoring with a native speaker?

Are you looking for French tutors for whom French is a mother tongue? We got it - French private classes with a native French speaker are an excellent way to improve your French while better understanding French, Canadian, Belgian, or North African culture.

In-person learning

Choose a French tutor nearby

French tutoring in your area? No problem. Whether you need to improve your French writing or are looking for a private French tutor to have a conversation with, first go through the offers of private French lessons nearby. Then, based on references or prices, choose your French tutor.


Set a price, schedule, and goals with your private French tutor

What are your expectations from private French lessons? Are you looking for French tutoring online or in person? Do you need tutoring French at high school for entrance exams or graduation? Your French private tutor should also know your time and financial options.


Start improving your French with a private tutor

Begin your private French lessons with a tutor. Prepare for high school exams in French language and French entrance exams, practice French pronunciation and grammar, and watch yourself improve. At the end of the lessons, you can add a review of your French tutor.


What do students want to know the most about French?

meet'n'learn is a platform for French tutors and students looking for online or offline private French lessons. Our database contains hundreds of French tutors near you - domestic, foreign, and native speakers offering French classes for companies and individuals. First, you choose one of the tutors, agree on the price and schedule, and start learning French with a tutor in the form of personal or online French tutoring. Payment for lessons is set in advance, and you always pay securely through our platform. Once you're done with your private French classes, you can rate your tutor to help others looking for a French tutor.

Our tutors offer tutoring in French from €9 per hour. Prices also vary depending on your level of French - what exactly you need help with within your private French lessons. Is it tutoring French, tutoring French literature, conversation lessons in French, French for high school, or business French? You can also choose an online French tutor by price. The average price per French lesson with a French tutor is around €18 to €20.

French is a beautiful but very demanding language for some. The following topics usually cause problems for students:
  • French genders
  • French future tense
  • French past tense
  • French translation
  • French pronunciation
However, there is no need to worry - with the right French tutor, you will be able to learn French online or in person.

Yes. At meet'n'learn, you will find French tutors dedicated to tutoring children and adults. However, we also have several French-language tutors specializing in tutoring French to prepare students for entrance exams or high school French exams.

That's a good one! Teachers and professors cannot give you all their focus in the French lessons at school. Therefore, many high school French students appreciate tutoring in French through meet'n'learn - it works on the French tutor's individual approach. Whether online or in-person, private French lessons also work well as a supplement to classical teaching; tutoring will help you, for example, for exams or entrance exams in French.

Of course! From the first “Parlez-vous français?“ up to the DELF, DALF, DILF, or TEF French language certificates. From complete beginners in French to those of you who speak French at a solid level but need to improve French pronunciation, gain a general overview, or learn French grammar. Our French tutors will prepare you for DELF / DALF tests - from level A1 (beginner) to level C2 (expert, professional).

You can also learn French with a private tutor if you want to obtain a Carte de résident. However, it is important that you first set out a plan to achieve the level of French you need. The same applies to getting the TEF Canada certificate (where you need to obtain CLB 7 and higher) or obtaining the TEFAQ certificate for the Quebec region.

It's individual. At meet'n'learn, students choose French online classes mainly because it saves them time - there is no need to go anywhere when receiving tutoring French from home. But some students prefer personal French tutoring since they are more disciplined in individual private French classes. However, most meet'n'learn tutors offer online and in-person French tutoring or a combination of both. We recommend trying both ways first to see which one works best for you.

As we have mentioned, French is not a simple language. In addition, specific “nasal pronunciation “ may additionally bother you. But you can learn everything by telling your private French tutor what you want to focus on. Quality in-person or online French tutoring with a certified French tutor is a way to improve French, not only when you study it in high school.

Of course, we cannot give you a 100% answer. For someone, it takes longer to understand the nooks and crannies of French grammar, while others learn it almost immediately. However, with a clear conscience, we can tell you that personal or online tutoring in French will bring you closer to mastering this beautiful language.

All our tutors can receive a review of their French tutoring lessons from their students. Therefore, these opinions may give you an idea of the French tutors in your area.

Here, you will also find tutors specializing in tutoring French for groups - corporate companies or simply several people. In addition, some of our French tutors can help you receive tutoring in business French - all you have to do is make a specific request at meet'n'learn.

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Tutoring French abroad

Some students seek tutoring French language in another country or with a foreign tutor. Do you know how to say French tutoring in English, German, or, for instance, Finnish?

French tutoring in German: Französisch-Nachhilfe

French tutoring in German: Französisch-Nachhilfe

French tutoring in Czech: Doučování francouzštiny

French tutoring in Danish: Tutoring fransk

French tutoring in Finnish: Ranskan opetus

French tutoring in Hungarian: Franciakorrepetálás

French tutoring in Romanian: meditații la franceză

French tutoring in Swedish: Läxhjälp i franska

French tutoring in Slovak: Doučovanie francúzštiny