Prices for tutors

As a tutor, creating a profile is free. On meet'n'learn tutors only pay for connected students. Unlimited communication with students is possible through the following options:

1 month 9,90€

billed monthly

no contract period book subscription
3 months 19,90€

billed once every 3 months

no contract period book subscription
1 year 59,90€

billed annually

no contract period book subscription

What do tutors have to say about meet'n'learn?


Through I was able to find new customers who I wouldn't have been able to reach any other way. Keep it up!


As the director of a well-known therapy and support establishment in Munich, I appreciate the cooperation with meet'n'learn. A lot of students as well as parents found their way to us this way and were able to meet their academic as well as professional goals.


I am very satisfied with the service meet'n'learn is offering. I was able to get in contact with a lot of nice people and was able to grow my customer base significantly. I'm definitely going to continue using meet'n'learn and am recommending it to anybody who wants to establish themselves as a tutor.


I think this website is so cool, professional and fair. I'm offering my English tutoring since 3 months on this platform and got to know great people and found friends through my English lessons. I'm definitely recommending this website. I'm happy to be a part of meet'n'learn, where I can do what I like the most: Teaching! A big thank you to the team of meet'n'learn.

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