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Danica D.

Danica D.
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Spanisch, Englisch
tutoring via skype/online possible

Hi. I have just recently moved from Barcelona back home to Bratislava. Spanish was my language number one until then. I speak it fluently (grammar and conversation, even with the colloquial words that you won’t learn at school). Otherwise I would never dare to teach the language because I myself demand perfect grammar and vocabulary of a native native speaker when learning a language. I communicate in 4 languages - Spanish, English, German and Slovak, each of them I learned in a different way and pace, that is why I can choose the most effective methods. I also lived in UAE, where I mostly used English. I have previous experience in teaching privately and for a language school (Callan method). I offer online classes for beginners as well as conversations (Spanish, English). If you are passionate about the language, same as me, just contact me. It will definitely go smoother.


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