Marta M.

Marta M.

Akzeptiert neue Schüler

Marta M.

Akzeptiert neue Schüler

Certified language teacher with 6 years of experience

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Wunschzeitraum: vormittags, nachmittags, Wochenende



I'm Marta, a certified second language teacher. I'm Spanish but I studied at the German School, so German is my second native language. I've been living in Switzerland for ten years and 6 years ago I got my certificate as a foreign language teacher. Since then I have worked in several language schools in Switzerland, as well as online, giving private lessons and also in groups.

I am specialized in teaching German as a second language, but I also give private lessons in English conversation and language classes for the working environment. Besides languages, I have been working as an architect for ten years in Switzerland and my passion is art and illustration.

In 2017 I attended the Instituto Cervantes training to become certified as a foreign language teacher. Since then I have worked in various language academies in Switzerland. During the first years I specialized in integration methodologies with young adults, as my students were political refugees coming from Eritrea, Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan.

This experience helped me to develop a very effective methodology, especially for those students who come into contact with a new language for the first time.

Each class is divided into four blocks: listening comprehension and oral expression, reading comprehension and vocabulary practice, grammar, and written expression.

The exercises are dynamic and focused on the topics of interest of the student, so there is constant feedback that helps me, as a teacher, to redirect the didactic material according to the needs of the class.

This methodology has proven to give excellent results.

I invite you to book a trial lesson with me and see for yourself the advantages of my methodology!



40 € / 55 Min.

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